13 May 2013
Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Kenneth Flamm recently posted two working papers to the Social Science Research Network that focus on digital inclusion in the United State. His first paper, "National, Regional, and ISP Variation in U.S. Broadband Quality Improvement: Has a Rising Time Floated All Boats," takes newly available data to measure trends in broadband high speed internet across the United States. His research shows that while generally broadband service quality has improved in the United States, the improvements have not been equally distributed around the country. The complete analysis is forthcoming this summer, and can be found here.

Professor Flamm's next paper co-written with Anindya Chaudhuri, "Rating E-Rate: Evaluating the U.S. Schools and Libraries Program," examines the effectiveness of a federal program designed to make high speed internet accessible to disadvantaged populations by lowering the costs of access. Known as the E-Rate program, it is technology infrastructure subsidy fund designed to help underfunded U.S. schools and libraries especially in rural areas where broadband access is more expensive. Their analysis sheds doubt on the effectiveness of this program due to the highly complex application process and the lack of effective financial management procedures. The complete paper can be found here.