02 February 2018

Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Joshua Eisenman has released a new volume, China Steps Out, co-edited with MIT’s Eric Heginbotham. The book compiles diverse analysis of China’s foreign policy strategy in the developing world. China Steps Out is relevant to policymakers around the world and Washington, DC, where Dr. Eisenman recently testified to the U.S. China Economic and Security Review Commission about concepts in the book.

China Steps Out examines China’s goals and strategies in developing parts of the world, especially the purpose of the One Belt One Road Initiative and other infrastructure projects that China supports globally. Key to Dr. Eisenman’s perspective is the concept that in contrast to using political means to serve economic ends, China’s economic activities serve to bolster its political credibility and the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party around the world.China Steps Out is available via the publisher, Routledge, and there will be book events that are online, here.