15 August 2016

Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Huaiyin Li recently co-authored the edited publication “Agricultural Reform and Rural Transformation in China since 1949”. In this volume, Dr. Li and his colleague, Thomas Dubois, bring together a collection of fourteen articles written by various scholars covering a range of issues related to the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) policies aiming to transform rural production in China. The introduction, written by Li and Dubois, provides a historical context for the issues discussed in this volume and frames the overall issue of rural agricultural reform under PRC rule.

Despite its rapid and impressive industrial growth over the past few decades, China remains heavily invested in agriculture. The perspectives presented in this volume highlight important historical institutional changes and agricultural development issues in rural China during and after the Maoist era, which have shaped the agricultural economy of China today.

More information on Li and Dubois’ book can be found here.