The Brumley Next Generation Fellows program at the Strauss Center provides research training and mentorship opportunities to exceptional undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin. Involving students in international affairs early in their career is an important part of the Strauss Center’s mission to prepare the next generation of leaders to help develop solutions to the most pressing public policy challenges. The program is made possible by the generous support of Jon and Rebecca Brumley. You can learn more about the current 2019-20 Brumley cohort here.


Now in its fifth year, the Next Generation Fellows is an exciting opportunity open to graduate students from any program at UT who share our interest in international affairs and who wish to participate more directly in the intellectual life of the Strauss Center. Selection is highly competitive, with only one person chosen for each of the Center’s various program areas. 

Graduate Fellows will be linked to one of the Strauss Center’s many current research programs (based on the preferences expressed by the student in his or her application). More specifically, each Fellow will be paired with a Distinguished Scholar associated with that particular program (preferably a faculty member from a department other than the Fellow’s home department). Under that scholar’s guidance, and backed by the financial support detailed below, the Fellow will conduct their own research and writing project. The Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar also will serve as a professional mentor, advising on career matters.

Fellows are expected to maintain a deep level of engagement with the Strauss Center, attending conferences and events. There will be a monthly or bi-monthly Graduate Fellow colloquium, during which Fellows convene for a lunchtime discussion with a policymaker, practitioner, or visiting scholar to discuss current research work as well as career advancement and development. During these colloquia, Fellows will also share their own research, and provide feedback on their peers’ projects. For application information, click here.


The Next Generation Scholars undergraduate program was launched in 2010 with the goal of providing new research and mentorship opportunities for promising UT undergraduate students interested in careers in international security and law. This program now also includes a focus on civic engagement, expanding the reach of the program by engaging by engaging more students on a wider range of local, national, and international policy issues. Involving undergraduates in international affairs and civic engagement early in their career is an important part of the Strauss Center’s mission to prepare the next generation of leaders to help develop solutions to the most pressing public policy challenges.

This one-year program includes two key components: First, students take a 3-credit research training and professional development course in the fall semester. This course is designed to introduce students to policy work, including basic skills in policy research, analysis, and writing. Students will be trained on designing research strategies and proposals, conducting policy analysis, writing resumes and statements of purpose, crafting op-eds and blog posts, and planning for the steps in their career development. Second, the Next Generation Scholars will work closely in the spring semester with the program's faculty lead on a collaborative policy research report to further enhance their analytical abilities. For application information, click here.


The Next Generation Project was founded by the American Assembly at Columbia University in 2005, and continued at the Robert Strauss Center for International Security and Law at the University of Texas at Austin through the generous support of Jon and Rebecca Brumley. The concept for the Next Generation Project emerged from the belief that many of our national and global institutions are not well suited to manage the challenges our nation faces today. To generate cutting edge, innovative solutions to our shared global challenges, the Project gathered the best and brightest leaders from around the country to discuss this issue through rigorous, responsible debate.

The Young Professionals: Next Generation program has since concluded, but if you have any questions, please contact Lindsay Stanek at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..