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Robert M. Chesney

Director of the Strauss Center, James Baker Chair and Associate Dean at the School of Law
Adam Klein

Adam Klein

Deputy Director of the Strauss Center, Technology, Security, and Global Affairs Director

Stephanie Leutert

Central America & Mexico Policy Initiative Director

Stephen B. Slick

Intelligence Studies Project Director

Ashley McIlvain Moran

State Fragility Initiative Director

William Inboden

Associate Professor of Public Affairs, Director of the Clements Center

Catherine Weaver

Associate Dean for Students and Associate Professor of Public Affairs

Jeremi Suri

Mack Brown Distinguished Chair for Leadership in Global Affairs

Carolyn Dockery

Operations Manager

Micah Carpenter

Administrative Associate

Ali Prince

Senior Research Program Coordinator

Alice Rentz

Administrative Associate

Lindsay Stanek

Research Program Coordinator

Alyssa Goessler

Senior Student Associate
Luis Guerrero

Luis Guerrero

Senior Student Associate

Rebecca Johnston

Graduate Research Assistant