Integrated Cybersecurity Studies

Pioneering innovative curricula, policy relevant research, and events

Cyber Policy Competition

The Strauss Center at The University of Texas at Austin is partnering with the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative to host a “regional” round of the Atlantic Council’s renowned cybersecurity policy competition on January 22nd and 23rd, 2022. Twenty-one teams will compete in this exciting two-day virtual competition, including teams from the University of Texas at Austin, West Point, and SyracuseUniversity. The Competition is an excellent proving ground for UT graduate students participating in the Strauss Center’s Integrated Cybersecurity Studies program.

LLM Degree

This LLM degree concentration provides students with a sophisticated understanding of the legal, policy, and technical architectures associated with cybersecurity. It is designed from the ground up to be transdisciplinary, featuring bespoke courses open, not just to law students, but to other graduate schools from across the campus.  No prior expertise is required or expected. For more information about the LLM program in general, click here.

Cyber Fellows

In keeping with our mission to promote the interdisciplinary study of cybersecurity issues (generously supported by the Hewlett Foundation), the Strauss Center established the Cybersecurity Fellows Program to encourage full-time, in-residence graduate students from all departments who have an interest in cybersecurity to take relevant courses from outside their home department, to reward students who pursue this approach with formal recognition, to generate a cross-campus community of interest featuring a speaker series and mentoring, and to provide financial support for cybersecurity-related research, conference attendance, and the like.