Exploring the Security Implications of Climate Change

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Final Program Report—Climate, Conflict, and Governance in Africa: Pinpointing Risks and Opportunities

CCAPS is a multi-year research effort to identify where and how climate change could undermine state stability, to define strategies for building African state capacity, and to assess global development aid responses. Based at the…


Climate Security and East Africa: A GIS-Based Analysis of Vulnerability

Climate Change and Pastoralism: Traditional Coping Mechanisms and Conflict in the Horn of Africa, published by the Institute for Peace and Security Studies and the University for Peace, includes a chapter by CCAPS researchers on applying…

A House Divided

In a recent article for the Journal of Conflict Resolution, CCAPS researchers Cullen Hendrix and Idean Salehyan use the program’s Social Conflict in Africa Database (SCAD) to address issues pertaining the regime repression in Africa. Access…

Climate Aid User Guide

This user guide provides detailed information on the climate aid data collected by the CCAPS program, including the climate coding process and the coding spectrum used to evaluate aid project activities.


Climate Change and Development

In CCAPS Course Module No. 5, Catherine Weaver provides course material exploring why aid for adaptation and mitigation is important for addressing climate change vulnerability in Africa. The module covers climate funding for adaptation and…


Climate Change in Cities in Africa: Current Dilemnas and Future Challenges

In Course Module No. 4, CCAPS researcher Robert Wilson explores how climate change will affect people living in African cities. The answer to this complex question has two interrelated dimensions. It hinges on, first, the…


Trends and Triggers Redux: Climate Change, Rainfall, and Interstate Conflict

Colleen Devlin and Cullen Hendrix’s article in Political Geography explores precipitation patterns and interstate conflict. They find that “long-run variability in precipitation and lower mean levels of precipitation in dyads are associated with the outbreak of militarized…

Subnational Africa Education and Infrastructure Access Data

This dataset provides data on literacy rates, primary and secondary school attendance rates, access to improved water and sanitation, household access to electricity, and household ownership of radio and television.


Hot Spots of Security Vulnerability Associated with Climate Change in Africa

CCAPS researchers Joshua Busby, Kerry Cook, Edward Vizy, Todd Smith and Mesfin Bekalo recently published an article examining areas in Africa where the confluence of vulnerabilities could put large numbers of people at risk of death from…

Extreme Temperatures and Violence

In a recent article featured in Nature Climate Change, CCAPS researcher Clionadh Raleigh examines the theory that extreme weather events are the drivers of insecurity and conflict. She argues that suggesting that climate change is the…