The Strauss Center and its affiliated Distinguished Scholars contribute to coursework taught in schools and departments across the University of Texas at Austin. For its part, the Strauss Center sponsors
or organizes a range of courses examining the drivers of instability, security institutions,
the law of security, and the varied issues related to national security.


By Program

Advanced Empirical Methods for Policy Analysis

Catherine Weaver  |   Fall 2021

Advanced Topics in Management: Strategy, Ideas, Statecraft

Jeremi Suri  |   Fall 2021

Advanced Topics in Public Policy

Sheena Greitens  |   Spring 2022


Jason Brownlee  |   Fall 2021

Constitutional Law I

Stephen Vladeck  |   Fall 2021

Constitutional Law I

Robert Chesney  |   Fall 2021

Contemporary Chinese History

Huaiyin Li  |   Fall 2021

Countering Foreign Election Interference and Influence

Steve Slick  |    2022-2021

Criminal Law I

Derek Jinks  |   Spring 2022

Crypto, Law, and Policy

Sina Kian  |   Spring 2022

Cybersecurity Law & Policy

Robert Chesney  |   Fall 2021

Cybersecurity Risk Management

Earl Crane  |   Spring 2022

Cyberspace: Security, Conflict and Public Policy in the Digital Domain

Ciaran Martin  |   Spring 2022

Digital Forensics and Incident Response for Law and Policy Students

Ryan Cunningham  |   Spring 2022

Engineering Probability and Stats

Moriba Jah  |   Fall 2021

Ethnic Conflict and Human Intrv

Alan Kuperman  |   Fall 2021

Federal Courts

Stephen Vladeck  |   Spring 2022

Foreign Election Interference

Stephen Slick  |   Spring 2022

Human Rights/World Politics

Rhonda Evans  |   Fall 2021

Intelligence and National Security

Bianca Adair  |   Fall 2021