The Strauss Center and its affiliated Distinguished Scholars contribute to coursework taught in schools and departments across the University of Texas at Austin. For its part, the Strauss Center sponsors
or organizes a range of courses examining the drivers of instability, security institutions,
the law of security, and the varied issues related to national security.


By Program

Military Strategy

Alan Kuperman  |   Spring 2021

Modern China

Huaiyin Li  |   Spring 2021

Nature of the International System

Alan Kuperman  |   Fall 2020

Negotiation, Mediation, and Dispute Resolution

David Eaton  |   Fall 2020

New Perspectives on Modern Chinese History

Huaiyin Li  |   Fall 2020

Next Generation Scholars Research

Michael Mosser and Stephanie Holmsten  |    2020-2021

Perspective on Public Policy

Admiral Inman  |   Fall 2020

Pitfalls and Best Practices in Decision-Making

Michele Malvesti  |   Spring 2021

Policymaking and Leadership: From the Battlefield to the SITROOM

Admiral McRaven  |   Fall 2020

Political Parties and Party Systems

Kenneth Greene  |   Spring 2021

Politics of Mexico

Kenneth Greene  |   Spring 2021

Politics of Protecting the Great Barrier Reef

Rhonda Evans  |   Spring 2021

Privacy Law: Personal Data Under US and EU Law

Bart Huffman  |   Spring 2021

Propaganda, Deception & Manipulation in the Technology Era

Bryan Jones  |   Fall 2020

Risk Management and Cyber Security

Earl Crane  |   Fall 2020

Satellite-Based Navigation

Moriba Jah  |   Fall 2020

Science Fiction and Politics

Terrence Chapman  |   Fall 2020

Security and Policy in Eastern Europe and Russia

Kiril Avramov  |   Spring 2021

Seminar: Intelligence & National Security

Bianca Adair  |   Fall 2020

Seminar: International Humanitarian Law

Derek Jinks  |   Fall 2020