The Strauss Center and its affiliated Distinguished Scholars contribute to coursework taught in schools and departments across the University of Texas at Austin. For its part, the Strauss Center sponsors
or organizes a range of courses examining the drivers of instability, security institutions,
the law of security, and the varied issues related to national security.


By Program

Seminar: International Humanitarian Law

Derek Jinks  |   Spring 2021

Seminar: The Military and the Constitution

Stephen Vladeck  |   Fall 2020

Social Justice and Security Policy

Michael Mosser  |   Spring 2021

Social Media, Propaganda, and Elections

Samuel Woolley  |   Spring 2021

Space Law and Policy: International Cooperation and Competition

Diane Howard  |   Spring 2021

Space Law: The Business of Space Operations

Idris Motiwala  |   Fall 2020

STEM for National Security

Bianca Adair  |   Spring 2021

Strategic Decision Making in Global Policy

Jeremi Suri  |   Fall 2020

Study of International Relations

Terrence Chapman  |   Spring 2021

Suicide Terrorism

Ami Pedahzur  |   Fall 2020

Suicide Terrorism

Ami Pedahzur  |   Spring 2021

Technology and National Security: Domestic and International Challenges

Jacquelyn Schneider  |   Spring 2021

Technology of Cybersecurity: An Introduction for Law and Policy Students

Seth Nielson  |   Fall 2020

Terror/Consent: Constitutional/International Law

Philip Bobbitt  |   Spring 2021

Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Michael Findley  |   Fall 2020

The International Law of Cyber Conflict

Michael Schmitt  |   Spring 2021

The Johnson Years

Mark Lawrence  |   Fall 2020

The Supreme Court’s Shadow Docket

Stephen Vladeck  |   Spring 2021

The United States Since 1865

Henry William Brands  |   Spring 2021

The US-China Tango

Wenhong Chen  |   Fall 2020