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Darfur Now Sneak Preview with director Ted Braun

November 6, 2007 |  7:00:00  |  Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Room 2.214

The Strauss Center partnered with mtvU to host the Texas premiere of the new documentary Darfur Now. The film examines many aspects of the conflict in Darfur, Sudan, which the U.S. has labeled as genocide. The screening was followed by a special appearance by the film’s director Ted Braun, who fielded questions from the audience. Strauss Center fellow Alan Kuperman, an expert on ethnic conflicts, moderated the discussion.

The film depicts the struggles and achievements of those seeking an end to the horrible conflict in the Darfur region and focuses on the importance of individual action and hope in times of profound tragedy. The personal toll of the conflict is revealed through the first-hand experiences of six individuals:

  • Actor Don Cheadle learns of the Darfur crisis while working on the film Hotel Rwanda and is inspired to use his celebrity to bring awareness to the situation.
  • Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the prosecutor for the International Criminal Court, launches an investigation into the complicated crimes of the Darfur region, at the requeste of the UN Security Council.
  • Hejewa Adam joins Darfurian rebel forces in an attempt to come to terms with her attack at the hands of Janjaweed militiamen that resulted in the death of her baby son.
  • Pablo Recalde leads the World Food program team in west Darfur, dealing with hijackings and threats on a daily basis as he works to bring supplies to forgotten corners of the region.
  • Adam Sterling, a student whose Jewish grandmother fled Nazi Germany, lobbies the government of California to pass a bill divesting state funds from the Sudan.
  • Ahmed Mohammed Abakar, the de-facto leader of the Hamadea refugee camp, eases the transition of entering refugees while longing for a return to his own land.

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This presentation is part of the Strauss Center’s International Security Film Series that screens documentaries and feature films on topics of global concern, including ethnic conflict and humanitarian intervention.

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