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Rohrbaugh Co-Authors Report on the Changing International Security Landscape

Oct 26, 2020 |

Ben Rohrbaugh, Fellow in the Central America and Mexico Policy Initiative at the Strauss Center, recently co-authored a report titled “Transnational Threats and the 2020 Election.” In it, he and his co-authors asses the changing international threat landscape, emphasizing that today’s most daunting national security threats are of non-state origin—a complication which will inevitably bedevil the national security efforts of whichever candidate wins the 2020 U.S. presidential election. The authors begin by delineating the primary characteristics of the two candidates’ approaches to nonstate threat, and then move to assessing the candidates’ organizational approach to such threats. They then provide an issue-by-issue breakdown of the candidates’ stances on the full range of nonstate threats: infectious disease, cybersecurity, organized crime, terrorism, migration crises, weapons of mass destruction, and climate-driven natural disaster. They conclude by reiterating that the most daunting national security threats of the last decade have been distinctly non-state, and that the marked differences in Trump and Biden’s approaches to these threats will undoubtedly have outsized consequences. Read the full report here.