Complex Emergencies and Politial Instability in Asia

(CEPSA) - Exploring the causes and dynamics of complex emergencies


  • What are the relationships between climate change-related disaster vulnerabilities and complex emergencies in Asia?
  • What are the implications of these relationships for local, national, cross-border, and regional security?
  • What kinds of investments in preparedness and prevention can lessen these vulnerabilities and the incidence of complex emergencies, and strengthen resilience and climate change adaptation?
  • Where are investments in preparedness and prevention going, and how are they being targeted?


The CEPSA program publishes research briefs, reports, and codebooks intended for use by researchers, policymakers, and the public.


The Complex Emergencies and Political Stability in Asia (CEPSA) program analyzes how various insecurities converge to impact vulnerability in Asia, and where and how these insecurities could develop into complex emergencies. Researchers have developed a number of new datasets and tools to examine these issues.