The Strauss Center and its affiliated Distinguished Scholars contribute to coursework taught in schools and departments across the University of Texas at Austin. For its part, the Strauss Center sponsors
or organizes a range of courses examining the drivers of instability, security institutions,
the law of security, and the varied issues related to national security.


By Program

Intelligence and National Security

Paul Pope  |   Spring 2021

Intelligence and National Security Policy

Steve Slick  |   Fall 2020

Intelligence Law: Surveillance and Covert Action

Robert Chesney  |   Spring 2021

International Economics

Kenneth Flamm  |   Spring 2021

International History Since 1898

Jeremi Suri  |   Spring 2021

International Human Rights Law

Gregory Engle  |   Spring 2021

Intro to the Study of Society

Sarah Brayne  |   Spring 2021

Introduction to Formal Policy Analysis

Scott Wolford  |   Spring 2021

Introduction to International Relations and Global Studies

Michael Anderson  |   Fall 2020

Introduction to International Religions and Global Studies

Michael Anderson  |   Spring 2021

Islam and Politics

Samy Ayoub  |   Spring 2021

Islamic Ethics

Samy Ayoub  |   Spring 2021

Issues and Policies in American Government

Pat McDonald  |   Spring 2021

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Joshua Busby  |   Spring 2021

Law and Religion in the Modern Middle East Seminar

Samy Ayoub  |   Fall 2020


David Eaton  |   Fall 2020

Lincoln/Douglas Reading Group

Philip Bobbitt  |   Spring 2021

Marica, Brazil: Opportunities for City Entrepreneurship

David Eaton  |   Fall 2020

Methods of Orbit Determination

Moriba Jah  |   Spring 2021

Military Justice and Jurisdiction Seminar

Steve Vladeck  |   Fall 2020