Central America & Mexico Policy Initiative

Addressing Central America and Mexico’s migration and security issues



The Current State of U.S.-Mexico Security Cooperation

In this working paper, Stephanie Leutert, the Director of the Mexico Security Initiative at the Strauss Center, examines the U.S.-Mexico security relationship. Leutert writes that both countries may emphasize the importance of the bilateral security…


Migrant Smuggling Along Mexico’s Highway System

This paper addresses how smugglers bypass the train network to move migrants north in buses, trailers, and private vehicles along Mexico’s highway system. By analyzing cases from both before and after Plan Frontera Sur, this…


Policy Research Projects

Migrant Protection Protocols: Implementation and Consequences for Asylum Seekers in Mexico (2019-20)

In November 2018, the United States and Mexico negotiated the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP). Before MPP, asylum seekers were allowed to wait in the United States during their asylum cases. However, with MPP, asylum seekers…


Protocolos de Protección a Migrantes: Implementación y Consecuencias para los Solicitantes de Asilo en México (2019-20)

En noviembre de 2018, Estados Unidos y México negociaron los Protocolos de Protección de Migrantes (PPM). Antes de los PPM, a los solicitantes de asilo se les permitía esperar en los Estados Unidos durante sus…


Migrant Caravans in Mexico (2019-20)

For the past four decades, large-scale migration out of the Northern Triangle of Central America (NTCA)—Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador—has brought millions of people to the United States. Originally, this migration was made up of…


Caravanas de Migrantes en México (2019-20)

Durante las últimas cuatro décadas, la migración a gran escala del Triángulo Norte de Centroamérica (TNC) —Guatemala, Honduras y El Salvador— ha traído a millones de personas a los Estados Unidos. Originalmente, esta migración estaba…


Student Papers