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Director of the Strauss State Fragility Initiative Works with Belgium MFA on Climate Security

09 Mar 2020

Ashley McIlvain Moran, Director of the State Fragility Initiative at the Strauss Center, has been supporting the climate-related efforts of the Belgium Ministry of Foreign Affairs during its tenure on the United Nations Security Council. Their work on climate security in the context of UN peacekeeping missions is highlighted in a recent video posted here.

State Fragility Director Contributes to Newly Published Climate Security Plan for America

25 Sep 2019

At the Climate and National Security Forum on September 24, 2019, the Center for Climate Security Climate and Security Advisory Group, which includes State Fragility Director Ashley Moran, published the Climate Security Plan for America – developed and endorsed by 64 senior military, national security and intelligence leaders from the Climate and Security Advisory Group. Click here for the report,…

USAID Publishes Fragility-Climate Policy Briefs by Moran, Busby, Raleigh, and Strauss Research Team

29 Apr 2019

In their newly released Policy Summary: The Nexus of Fragility and Climate Risks published by USAID, Director of the Strauss Center’s State Fragility Initiative Ashley Moran, Strauss Distinguished Scholar Joshua Busby, Strauss Senior Fellow Clionadh Raleigh, and their colleagues present policy recommendations to address compound risks that arise when states experience fragility and climate risks…

State Fragility Initiative Director Discusses Climate Risks for Fragile States

02 Apr 2019

At a USAID Adaptation Community Meeting on The Intersection of Global Fragility and Climate Risks, Ashley Moran, the State Fragility Initiative Director at the Strauss Center, discussed how extreme weather and other climate risks pose a multi-faceted and urgent security risk for fragile states.

Fragile States Facing Climate Hazards Discussed by Strauss State Fragility Initiative Director and Distinguished Scholar

12 Dec 2018

Climate change poses a multi-faceted and increasingly urgent security threat for fragile states. In their recent War on the Rocks article, Stretched Thin: When Fragile States Face Climate Hazards, Director of Strauss’ State Fragility Initiative Ashley Moran, Strauss Distinguished Scholar Joshua Busby, and Strauss Senior Fellow Clionadh Raleigh evaluate the policy implications of their global mapping project…

The Double Burden of Climate Exposure and State Fragility

19 Oct 2018

In the article, The Double Burden of Climate Exposure and State Fragility, Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Joshua Busby, Strauss Director of the State Fragility Initiative Ashley Moran, and Strauss Senior Fellow Clionadh Raleigh present the findings of “The Intersection of Global Fragility and Climate Risks” study they conducted with other researchers for USAID. As the…

Compound Fragility-Climate Risks Heighten Vulnerability to Humanitarian Emergencies and Instability

28 Sep 2018

A study by Strauss Center scholars provides robust new data on where—and how—fragility and climate risks combine to make populations more vulnerable to humanitarian emergencies and instability across the globe.

Brumley Student Profile: Robyn Morse Readies Research on Oman

18 Sep 2018

Robyn Morse, third-year, dual-language (Arabic & Persian) Master’s student at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, is a Brumley Next Generation Fellow at the Strauss Center. In this program, Robyn will work on a year-long research project with advisement from faculty mentor Ashley Moran, Program Director of our State Fragility Initiative. We checked in with…

Center for Climate and Security Report Calls on Administration to Mitigate Risks

14 Mar 2018

The Center for Climate and Security in partnership with the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University have released a new report, “A Responsibility to Prepare – Strengthening National and Homeland Security in the Face of a Changing Climate.” Strauss Center Distinguished Scholars Ashley Moran, Joshua Busby, and Cullen Hendrix serve on…

Brumley Fellow Discusses Future of Macedonia with New Government

22 Sep 2017

Brumley Fellow Aleksej Demjanski recently met with fellow members of the Forum for Democratic Macedonia (FDM) and senior officials of the newly elected Macedonian government to discuss highly anticipated reform efforts for Macedonia in New York City on September 18, 2017. In attendance was the Macedonian Prime Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister, and Diaspora Affairs Minister…