Security Institutions and Technologies

Technological change can have a significant impact on international security, disrupting policy frameworks, legal architectures, and the balance of power among states. The Strauss Center sponsors several initiatives under this heading, including but not limited to:

  • Intelligence Studies Project: Jointly sponsored by the Strauss Center and UT’s Clements Center for National Security, this flagship effort encompasses an array of efforts to improve understanding of the U.S. Government’s Intelligence Community as well as similar institutions in service of other states—and, in some instances, in service of no state at all.
  • Cybersecurity Studies: Our integrated cybersecurity program includes a trailblazing effort to cross-train graduate students not just in computer science but, also, relevant aspects of law, business administration, and public policy, and research and events focused on the tension between the demands of national security and privacy considerations.
  • Space Security and Safety: The Satellites and Space Program at the Strauss Center explores the many issues that arise at the intersection of security, technology, and policy in light of both government and commercial space programs, including but not limited to the challenges of dealing with an increasingly-crowded orbital domain.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Under the title Consortium on Law and Ethics of A.I. and Robotics (CLEAR), this program brings together leaders in the academy, industry, and government to promote a better understanding of the legal, ethical, and policy challenges posed by strong artificial intelligence and increasingly sophisticated robotics.
  • Terrorism Studies: A joint venture with the Clements Center designed to support courses, research, and events relating to the many manifestations of terrorism and the institutions of government (and sometimes also the private sector) that respond to this challenge.
  • Energy and Security (Archived): This program explores the various dimensions along which developments in the energy field impact questions of international security.